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13 Of The Weirdest Holiday Movies

Bizarre and holidays don’t usually go together in a sentence unless describing one’s crazy family member, some mishap, or another unusual occurrence. Or if filmmakers let loose their wild side in a sadistic, wacky, or […]

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Top 15 Bizarre, Unique, and Hilarious Trade Show Items

Trades are a great place to promote your business and extend your professional network. Plus it’s a way to find some of the weirdest sh*t on earth. See the best of it here with the […]

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Great Pics of The Week: WTF Edition

In the reflection of certain aspects of particular days, you scratch your head and ponder “W.T.F.??!!?” These pics won’t help in your confuzzlements. Here’s Great Pics of The Week: WTF Edition.

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New Bigfoot Evidence Screened As Experts Claim Proof Of Existence

The ever elusive Sasquatch and giant, furry man-beast is REAL! Well, according to some involved in the Bigfoot Genome project. See and read more about this bizarre yet uber-fascinating claim with New Bigfoot Evidence Screened […]

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Lake Shawnee Amusement Park – Princeton, West Virginia

In creepy but cool news there is an abandoned amusement park in West Virginia which is home to some strangely unexplainable activity that can only be described as paranormal. Read eyewitness reports and the creepy […]

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Pushing The Boundaries! Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, And Miley Cyrus Play Dress Up As They Battle To Be the Most Outrageous On The MTV VMAS Red Carpet

2013 is the year of the wild woman. Or at least that is how pop culture is portraying the female celebrity. Here’s the proof with Pushing The Boundaries! Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, And Miley Cyrus […]

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Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents

If you’ve never heard your youngster say “I watched you snore last night,” and not been a little disturbed by not only the confession but also the fact your child was lurking around in the […]

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Manchester Museum Puzzled By Ancient Egyptian Statue Which Mysteriously Turns Itself

In “Holy sh*t, that thing moved…did you see that??!” news, administrators at the University of Manchester’s Museum are trying like h-e-double-hockey-sticks to determine why and how a Neb-Sanu statue measuring just under one foot in […]

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7 Workouts Almost As Nuts As Prancercise

We all agree: women do wacky things to shed extra pounds and firm up. Some women go to extremes with dangerous, crazy exercise regimes. Check out 7 Workouts Almost As Nuts As Prancercise.

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Top 7 Geeky Bathroom Designs

Calling all geeks! Would you like to have a geeky bathroom? Check out this list to see the top seven geeky bathroom designs.

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