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O.B. Apologizes For Missing Tampons with a Song

Last year millions were apparently horrified when O.B. tampons vanished from store shelves. They’re back now, but O.B. really wants to say they are sorry for going away. To apologize, at least to Canadian women, […]

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The Nine WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever (NSFW)

Facebook may be under attack on all levels for it’s shady privacy policies and other sketchy practices but it’s still a source of infinite laughter. Some of the things that users put out come back […]

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It’s Fantastic Being Plastic

Oh the fails and prevails of plastic surgery. Let’s see which celebrities make the list of worst surgery nightmares, and who actually pulled it off.

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Not Monogamous? You’re Too Risky to Donate an Organ.

According to new federal health guidelines from the CDC, unless you have had only one sex partner in the last year, you are too promiscuous to be an organ donor. If you have had two […]

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The 12 Craziest Love Hotels

Rumor has it that renting a hotel room reignites the spark in nearly any relationship. There may be something to a checking out of the familiar and booking a room in a hotel. Some lodges […]

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25 Funny Photos Of People Wearing Really Stupid Outfits

Our clothes are a direct reflection of ourselves. What we wear affects others’ perceptions of us and allows us to express our individuality. Sometimes some folks take this to a point of no return extreme. […]

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15 Celeb Couples Who Still Baffle Us

The laws of attraction often defy the laws of logic as nothing makes sense when it comes down to love’s blindness. Everyone encounters “odd couples” who make us ponder “What the hell brought them together?” […]

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Police Hand-and-Ankle-Cuff 5 Year Old, Charge Him With Battery On A Police Officer

Early this year, Lt. Frank Gordon, a police officer in Stockton, California, met with Michael, a 5 year old with ADHD, whose behavior was disruptive at the Rio Calaveras Elementary School. In the attempt to […]

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History’s 9 Most Notorious Crimes Of Passion

The things that people do in the name of “love” are quite remarkable in really good and really not-so-good ways. Crimes of the heart are not uncommon, as history proves. Crimes of passion, however, are […]

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Man Accidentally Donates Life Savings to Goodwill

An elderly man who thought it would be safer to keep his life savings in the closet than in the bank has accidentally donated a suit containing $13,000 to a Goodwill in Illinois. He needs […]

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