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Man Accidentally Donates Life Savings to Goodwill

An elderly man who thought it would be safer to keep his life savings in the closet than in the bank has accidentally donated a suit containing $13,000 to a Goodwill in Illinois. He needs […]

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10 Bodily Functions That Continue After Death

Certain bodily functions continue for minutes, hours, days, and even weeks after death. You will not believe the kind of things a dead body will do with its now-copious amount of time.

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6 Epic Holiday Parade Balloon Fails

Holiday parade balloons fail on occasion, and when they do, they fail hard. Whether they’re striking light posts and injuring spectators or simply getting snagged on objects and deflating slowly in front of hundreds of […]

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What happens online when you die?

What is the Future of Your Digital Self? You might not know what happens when you die but you can control what happens online!  

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Food Shoved Into Other Food

Turducken, what did you start? Adult Swim recently experimented with other food-in-food monstrosities, and here’s what they came up with…

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Giant Penis Mystery Baffles Stockholm Suburb

A wealthy Swedish businessman was surprised to learn on Wednesday that the grounds near his luxurious home appear to feature a giant penis visible only from the sky.

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Jenny Won’t Set Foot on the Block

Have you seen those Fiat commercials with JLo cruising through the Bronx? Yeah.. about that. It was a body double. Jenny from the block did her part of the commercials sitting in a car in […]

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High Tech Babies Have Bullet-Proof Strollers

Modern day science has been dipping in the baby pool to the point where it might be getting a little weird. While embryo screening was once a wonderful and helpful invention, it now allows you […]

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10 Historical Figures Who Masqueraded as Members of the Opposite Sex

Across time and culture, humanity has divided roles and responsibilities by gender. While today — in the Western world at least — these roles are not so rigid, in times past they were unassailable. Even […]


34 Pictures That Defy Explanation

There are some moments in time where, despite our best attempts at unraveling their meaning, nothing makes sense. Luckily for us, we’re not alone in those head scratching, sometimes bewildering moments. Luckier still, some people […]

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