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How Far Would You Go For a Burger?

We’re not talking in terms of miles, rather what would you do in a tense fast food situation? Mast people don’t handle it the way these people did. Here are 23 burger-related crimes.

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Burger King Expands Laziness to a Whole New Level

Want a flame broiled burger your way, but don’t really feel like getting off the couch? That’s okay. Burger King has you covered. The fast food giant has announced that it will be testing a […]

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Should Wearing Pajamas In Public Be Banned

Parish Commissioner Michael Williams of Shreveport, Louisiana is hoping to pass an ordinance which would prohibit residents from wearing their bedroom attire at local places, like at Walmart and other places. The ban follows Williams […]

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Worst Marriage Stories

Someone once said if you see a happily married couple, chances are they’re still at their reception. There may be a little truth in that (you be the judge). The following Worst Marriage Stories might […]

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The Deviance Society

A control paradigm has consumed American society. Big Brother is everywhere reminding people to abstain from sin in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex, cigarettes, porn, rap music, violence, etc… Since the 1960s, as the […]

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Stephen Hawking Understands Everything But Women

Stephen Hawking, an English cosmologist and physicist, is smart…like light years above the average person on the I.Q. scale. Though Hawking has written books and revolutionized the complexities of science, he can’t solve the mystery […]

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A Salute To 2011’s Weirdest Guinness Records And Feats

We all can agree that 2011 was a wild, crazy year and no one collects the year’s weirdest moments better than the Guinness Book Of World Records. Here’s A Salute To 2011’s Weirdest Guinness Records […]

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Monsters and UFOs to Watch for in 2012

2011 was a year of weird news, and sitting on the cusp of 2012, it’s time to look back on the odd year that was — as well as look ahead to a year that […]

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The Weird Wildlife of Antarctica

When you think about the animals that live on the North Pole with Santa, do you automatically think of penguins? Most people do, but it turns out that penguins and seals really just visit Antarctica. […]

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25 Pictures We Can’t Really Explain

Here you go, your daily dose of wtf/funny/gross/dumb – all mashed together in an unprotected image orgy.

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