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Angelina Jolie ‘Involved In Bizarre Special Forces Plot To Arrest Warlord Joseph Kony By Acting As Bait In A Honeytrap’ And Brad Pitt Was Going To Be Her ‘Co-Star’

In a weird real life versus the silver screen event, a recent information leak revealed major Hollywood stars were expected to operate as undercover spies. Read more about this one with Angelina Jolie ‘Invovled In […]

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The 4 Most Bizarre Divorce Stories You’ve Ever Heard

Eh since I’m fresh from the lawyers office, I have to say the things I overhear in that place are pretty interesting. Though they’re nothing like this: The 4 Most Bizarre Divorce Stories You’ve Ever […]

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22 Pictures That Prove Clowns Have Always Been Scary

We aren’t sure why clowns ever came into play but we do know one thing: they freak people out much of the time. The recent Clown invasion hasn’t helped. Nor have these 22 Pictures That […]

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11 Curious Events That Really Happened

They say there are few surprises after a certain age but sometimes life sends us reeling. Take meat showers. And flattened Siberian forests. Oh plus meowing nuns?? Check out these 11 Curious Events That Really […]

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Roadside Curiosities: Things That Make You Go “What The Heck?”

Roadside landmarks, crosses, and kill are no new thing embellishing the seemingly endless paved roads of America and other places. Some are much more interesting than others though. See a collection of them here with […]

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Tinder Men Are Not All They Seem: Male Users of the App Have Low Self-Esteem

Here’s some bad news for the women and men of Tinder: it all might be an elaborate fabrication. See more here with Tinder Men Are Not All They Seem: Male Users of the App Have […]

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World’s Most Bizarre Natural Phenomena

Nature is a magnificent thing. And it can get pretty weird pretty fast. Feast your eyes on the World’s Most Bizarre Natural Phenomena.

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The Biggest Explosion In History Is Still A Mystery

Many years ago in Siberia a mystery explosion blasted, tumbled 80 million trees, and as eyewitnesses reported “split the sky in two.” And no one really knows what happened except for the burned remains of […]

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Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey On The Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Use Of A Personal E-Mail System

In “What in the ******* **** is the FBI thinking?!?!?!” news, here’s the Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey On The Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of A Personal E-Mail System.

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Radiohead Erase Internet Presence

It’s Music Monday and rather waste our precious energy searching for decent tunes in a damned near talent-less world, we’re reaching for the greats. And giving you astonishing news that kind of makes me ask […]

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