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The Reasons Americans Want To Move To Canada Are The Reasons It’s Really Hard To Do It

Watching violence, moral decay, and instability take over what used to be the world’s greatest countries, makes me want to leave. And fast. Except there’s really no where to go since the easiest place won’t […]

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Hermits and Feral Children: People Who Lived Isolated From Civilization

They say that people without others don’t make it but here’s a few stories of folks (and youngsters) who actually did. And still do. Read Hermits and Feral Children: People Who Lived Isolated From Civilization. […]

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The Solar System’s Five Most Livable Places

It seems life on earth is on such a decline even the government is looking for a way out…eh um, Mars “research” sound familiar? If you’re on a quest for a new planet, check out […]

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Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam In The Senate

Bernie Sanders doesn’t get enough press as Hilary and The Donald sling arrows. So send Bernie some love by reading how Sanders’ Anti-Superdelegate Push Gains Steam in Senate.

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Never Understimate The Power of One

A picture is worth one thousand words…just check out this feel good story with Never Understimate The Power of One.

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Asymmetric Molecule, Key To Life, Detected In Space For First Time

Scientists made history on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 when they detected proplyene oxide in a gas and dust cloud within the Milky Way Galaxy. Read about it here with Asymmetricc Molecule, Key To Life, Detected […]

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What Is Power Yoga?

There’s something magical about the simple movements of Yoga. Together they make you feel like a million bucks. So when I ventured past Yoga into the arena of Power Yoga I was completely blown away. […]

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Speed Cleaning

Whether you have a pallatial spread or tiny apartment, chances are you just don’t have a lot of time to spend taking care of the place. Neither do we. That’s why we grabbed Real Simple’s […]

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Bernie Sanders’ Los Angeles Rally: The Pictures You Need To See

The Presidential Campaign heat is a blazin’ and those of you who can’t stand the heat (eh uhm…Hilary) best be stayin’ out of the kitchen. And California. Needless, give Bernie some attention with this one! […]

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11 Memories of Not-So-Modern Medicine

It’s not often we think back over the years and consider the ways medical professionals used to “help” each other with various inventions. Some were good. Some weren’t so much. Here’s 11 Memories Of Not-So-Modern […]

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