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Barbicambarus SImmonsi: New Giant Crayfish Species Discovered, And It’s Really Big

Granted it was two years ago when scientists uncovered Barbicambarus simmonsi but this is still pretty cool info! Check out Barbicambarus Simmmonsi: New Giant Crayfish Species Discovered, And It’s Really Big.

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There Are Giant Clouds Of Alcohol Floating In Space

Good news for booze hounds and those who believe in a place called “heaven”! Just ten thousand light years from earth is a massive cloud 1000 times larger than our solar system on earth and […]

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Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain

Granted it’s only rats, but a team of geniuses from MIT have managed to implant the minds of rodents with false memories. Read more here with Neuroscientists Plant False Memories In The Brain.

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The 5 Most Badass Ways People Escaped From Slavery

Body doubles, cross dressers, ice floe hopping, ship hijacking, and even a “special” (human!) mail deliveries sound like the fixings for a great movie. Turns out they were among the list of The 5 Most […]

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If We Could See Into Others’ Hearts

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio just released this truly remarkable video titled If We Could See Into Others’ Hearts. It was so good it is now part of the Everyone Matters campaign. Grab a tissue […]

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Temar Boggs, Pennsylvania Teen, Saved Jocelyn Rojas, Abducted 5-Year-Old Girl

It’s not every day that a fifteen year old is presented with the chance to become a hero in the eyes of a little girl and an entire nation but that’s just what Temar Boggs […]

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have you thought it through

Cheating On Your Girlfriend: To Tell Or Not To Tell

Relationships aren’t a test you can fake your way through to passing. And even if you don’t say it, you know she knows when you cheat. Plus you know damned well it’s 90% likely someone […]

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A Creeper Gets Creeped Out

If you’ve spent any time in public – at a bar, a restaurant, a bus, train, mall, street, laundromat, etc. – chances are great you encountered a creeper. You know those people who just kind […]

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The Forbidden Island

In August 1981, the crew of the Primrose, a Hong Kong freighter, happened to get tangled up in a submerged coral reef. Rather than fret, they stayed put for the night only to awaken and […]

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Liz Phair – Exile In Guyville

It’s been twenty years since American Rocker Liz Phair released her debut “Exile in Guyville” (which is coincidentally the #1 album fans would take with them if ever stranded on a desert island) and the […]

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