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Trump Twitter Targets

POTUS elect Donald Trump will be taking his throne – I mean place – at the White House this week. And we’re all rather curious if he will maintain his Twitter account or not… while […]

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How The World’s Smallest Birds Survive The Winter

It is no secret that I hate the cold. And ponder what creatures who can’t escape it do to not freeze to their demise. So this one I found fascinating: HOw The World’s Smallest Birds […]

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Scars, Cellulite and Serenity: Celeb Moms Who Showed Off Their Post-Baby Body Changes

Here’s great news for us (mortal) moms! Even Hollywood’s shiniest have all the same weird bumps, stretches, and lumps as the rest of us. Check out the Scars, Cellulite and Serenity: Celeb Moms Who Showed […]

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Photos: New Years Eve 2016 Around The World

Happy New Year! Check out how everyone welcomed 2017 with these Photos: New Years Eve Around The World.

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Celebrity Christmas Trees

Tis the season to take a peek into the homes of our stars and see just how festive they are. Here are Celebrity Christmas Trees. Fa la la la la…

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As North Dakota Pipeline Is Blocked, Veterans At Standing Rock Cheer

I purposely didn’t write about the protests at Standing Rock until today because I wanted to report a win for the Native Americans and the environment. So here you go: As North Dakota Pipeline Is […]

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Home Cleaning Hacks

Want to cut down the amount of time and energy you spend doing household chores? Read these great Home Cleaning Hacks!

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Trump Wins

The election for 45th President of the United States was surreal, surprising, and left many just shocked. In case you missed it, here’s Trump Wins.

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29 Party Snacks That Are Perfect For Halloween

Your favorite witches, zombies, vampires, and other costumed creatures of the night will love to sink their fangs into any of these 29 Party Snacks That Are Perfect For Halloween.

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October 25 Birthdays

Some great people were born on this day, including one of my most favorite people! Celebrate them by checking out others with October 25 Birthdays.

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