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10 Foods That Should Exist

Imagine how much more palatable our food would be if we could combine our favorites into one conglomerate meal. The possibilities would be endless and the delectability would be immeasurable! Here are 10 Foods That […]

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Emotionally Vague: A Graphical Survey Of Feelings

A team of researchers used Photoshop to answer the time old question: what do our emotions look like in the extensive project entitled Emotionally Vague. In the project, over 250 study participants graphically represented anger, […]

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Never Before Seen Pictures Of Marilyn Monroe

There’s only one woman ever to grace the planet who could look smoking hot while sporting an ankle injury and crutches: Marilyn Monroe. Several just released photos taken by John Vachon of LOOK magazine capture […]

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Nature Wants To Eat You

The epic battle of Man Vs. Nature has been waging for tens of thousands of years. Sometimes humans win, and most of the other times Nature purely kicks ass. Here’s the proof with Nature Wants […]

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Bad Vibes: Studying Emotional Residue

Researchers and scientists have conducted studies regarding energy fields and how physical environments are affected by emotions. The results of the study concluded that at an instinctual level, many people believe the entire energy of […]

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Bad As Me: Tom Waits’ First All-New Studio Album In 7 Years

Crooner Tom Waits is back and he’s badder than ever. The famed musician has just released a new album and fans ’round the world are rejoicing. The new album combines Waits’ gravelly lyrics paired with […]

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Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands

Love, it has been said, conquers all. It may also outlive even death. The most touching and tear-jerking story of the year (if not the decade) comes from Des Moines, Iowa, within a hospital’s intensive […]

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10 Famously Haunted Houses

With Halloween fast approaching, everyone’s focus has shifted to witches, goblins, and, of course, ghost stories. Places like the White House, the Lizzie Borden House, and Ireland’s Loftus Hall are all rumored to be visited […]

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6 Classic Songs That Were Supposed To Be Jokes

Song writing and production is generally grueling, hard work but every once in a while, chart topping mainstream songs accidentally happen. The musicians behind these exploding songs are often taken by surprise, especially when the […]

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1980s Cartoon Heroes As Persons Of Leisure

A “memetic counterrevolution” is on commpliments of illustrations by Fab Ciraolo. The artist’s work, titled “Oldschool Heroes” combines some of the best cartoon characters from the 1980s with fashion. Here’s some 1980s Cartoon Heroes As […]

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