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Polica’s Experimental Beginnings

Great band alert: Polica. The Minneapolis based band is led by Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olsen and JUST ROCKS. If you don’t believe us, ask Bon Iver and Rolling Stone magazine. Here’s more with Polica’s […]

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Top 10 Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail

Nobody does it better than Google it seems. And the good news is your Gmail account has a number of really cool features, settings, and even shortcuts to make your digital life easier and better. […]

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Baby Joy For Bill And Guiliana Rancic

E! hostess Guiliana Rancic and her husband Bill announced this morning on TODAY that they are going to have a baby…finally. The battle to reproduce was long and included fighting cancer, miscarriage, and loss but […]

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5 Largest Reptiles On Earth

Snakes, lizards, turtles, crocs…oh my! If you thought your last ex-husband (or wife) was the biggest snake on earth, think again. Here are the 5 Largest Reptiles On Earth.

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How Marilyn Monroe Changed Ella Fitzgerald’s Life

American jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald is well known as the “Queen of Jazz.” Many may not know how iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe used her starpower to bolster Ella’s career. Here’s more with How Marilyn Monroe […]

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Mind Is Your Might: Fiona Apple’s Oversharing

Few musicians capture the reality of life in stark truth in the way that Fiona Apple has since busting on the scene in 1996 with the debut album, Tidal. The albums which followed only added […]

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Do Dogs Know Death?

Animals often have a sixth sense particularly in their interactions with humans, death, and the grieving process. Tremendous research has been conducted with dogs, chimps, elephants, and other creatures with surprising conclusions. Here’s Do Dogs […]

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Magnify the Universe

Experience the relative sizes of over 100 items within the observable universe ranging from galaxies to insects, nebulae and stars to molecules and atoms with this interactive infographic from Number Sleuth. Sit back and enjoy […]

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10 Places To Be Investigated

Ever notice how some places have really good energy and others have an ominous feel? Throughout the world there are mysterious places where weird things happen and people haven’t taken the time to research. Here’s […]

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Newborn Baby Found Alive In Morgue 12 Hours After Being Declared Dead

Argentinian couple Analia Bouquet and Fabian Vernon thought they had lost their 5th child, a daughter, at birth when she was born prematurely at just 26 weeks gestation. As they were paying their last respects, […]

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