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20 of the Most Playful Offices on the Planet

Most offices are drab and boring. Not these. Check out this list of 20 of the most playful offices on the planet.

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Lego Paper Plane Folding Machine

At times, Spring weather is a little too rainy, cold or unstable for some fun outdoors with the kids. Rather than risk being bored, bust out the Legos and have a little fun. And check […]

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8 Of The World’s Most Incredible Swimming Pools

Imagine diving into a sky pool. Or lapping the world’s biggest pool. Then take a peek at the following 8 Of The World’s Most Incredible Swimming Pools.

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Superfast Spinning Black Hole Tearing Up Space At Nearly The Speed of Light

Black holes are these awesome highly concentrated trash compactors or space junk cannibals of the universe. They have a massive velocity which travels faster than light and have fascinated skywatchers, astrophysicists, and astronomers for ages […]

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10 Spectacular Volcanic Plugs And Natural Monoliths

Imagine being hardened magma in the vent of an active volcano or the only thing between the earth’s crush and its volcanic contents! Then imagine being one huge massive stone. Both exist on the geological […]

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Living Without Money

The thought of casting off your wealth and living the ultimate freedoms life has to offer initially sounds a bit wacky. Once it sinks in, it sounds pretty freaking awesome. Check out the following stories […]

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Portrait of dog, studio shot

Man’s Best Friend: Dogs May Understand Human Perspective Better Than Previously Thought

A recent study published in Animal Cognition found that canines may have a “flexible understanding” of the way their masters and mistresses operate. Researchers assessed the behaviors of over 84 dogs in a simple, “lights […]

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Listen: Bret Michaels & Loretta Lynn Singing ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ [Audio]

What happens when Poison meets the Van Lear Rose? True musical genius. Loretta Lynn is back (again…or is that still?) and this time she has paired with Bret Michaels to redo the 1980s ballad “Every […]

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23 Things About #23

Last Sunday, Michael Jordan turned the big 5-0. Check out this infographic to learn 23 interesting facts about one of the world’s best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, #23.

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29 Totally Badass Grandmas

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there are times you still need your grandma. Beyond the traditional cookie and pie making gray haired and plump sort, some grandmas are way more influential, funny, and […]

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