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Dave Grohl Breaks His Leg Mid-Performance, Returns To Finish The Show

Talk about a “Monkey Wrench” legendary musician/superhero Dave Grohl made painful history at his recent Gothenburg, Sweden show. Seems Grohl busted his leg but zoomed to the hospital to have it set and cast then […]

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Canadian Apocalypse

There’s a wave of people busily and steadily preparing for the worse just north of the US. They spend much of their present preparing for nearly every possible future doomsday scenario. Read about it here […]

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50 Unpredictable And Non-Cliched Places To Travel In Your 20s

Whether you are a twentysomething or just behave like one, chances are great that you have a bit of wanderlust. If you seek adventure on your wanderings, you may want to hit any of these […]

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Creativity May Be Genetically Linked With Psychiatric Disorders

They say that the best artists, musicians, poets, writers, authors, journalists, and other artistic creators of the world may be mad. And they’re probably right according to this one! Check out Creativity May Be Genetically […]

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A Destination Divorce? Get Outta Town! No, Really

There’s a line from Tom Waits that I have to borrow right now: there’s something to be said about “a tidy Mexican divorce.” Most people plan destination weddings. A few of us (when we reach […]

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15 Capsules For Off Grid Living

Good news for escapists who want to get away from it all! You CAN! (Kind of…) We’ve got a list of 15 Capsules For Off Grid Living that can help you get back to your […]

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WikiLeaks Launches Campaign To Offer $100,000 “Bounty” For Leaked Drafts of Secret TPP Chapters

Julian Assange and crew are still in action and ready to blow the lid off of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Except they’re missing some pertinent information. See how far they’ll go with WikiLeaks Launches campaign […]

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Giant Sawfish Have Virgin Births, Rewrite Biology Textbooks

Virgin births are not only stuff of Biblical proportions anymore. It seems that scientists have discovered a fish in Florida that can reproduce on its own. Read more here with Giant Sawfish Have Virgin Births, […]

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10 Stunning Sea Creatures That Offer A Feast For The Eyes

The deep, deep in the wild blue sea offers a multitude of beautiful, amazing, and incredible sights that nearly anyone can enjoy. See the best of them here with 10 Stunning Sea Creatures That Offer […]

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Why Do We Have Allergies?

If you cough, sneeze, itch, drip, and even crap (if you’re really unlucky) your way through a slew of allergies, you’re not alone. And you may often question “Why?” Which is a great question…find the […]

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