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How Algorithms Changed the World

Can you imagine not having the internet? Well, you can give a big thank you to algorithms for that. Without them, we wouldn’t have the internet, operation systems, and many more of the luxuries we […]

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Weather Permitting: Patagonian Storms Push A Boulder Climber To Test New Skills

Chasing summits in subzero temperatures doesn’t sound very fun. In fact it wasn’t for a few Boulder, Colorado residents who attempted to make a climb in foul weather in Patagonia. Here’s more about their adventure […]

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The Living To 100 Calculator Predicts Your Life Span

If you could know when you’d pass on to the land of pearly gates or your next life, would you want to? The researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine have a way for […]

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The View Down From The Tallest Freestanding Standing Structures On Earth

It’s a long way down when you’re at the highest points man can make. If you don’t believe me, consider the plunge while you enjoy THe View Down From The Tallest Freestanding Structures On Earth.

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Bolts Of Blue Lightning Thrusting Upward And Other Weird Lightning Explained

Gale force winds and a sky the color of indigo is rather unusual for certain people to experience. But when the sky flashes blue lightning, it’s totally mind blowing. Mother Nature’s majesty never makes us […]

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The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012

Dogs rocked their customary awesomeness last year despite rising temperatures, collapsing economies, and the other issues humans had to deal with. Here’s the proof with Buzzfeed’s The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012.

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10 Most Courageous Undercover Journalists

The only way to really dig deep and uncover the truth is sometimes to don a disguise and conduct research on the sly. The world’s journalists are great at behind the scenes infiltration. Here’s a […]

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10 Shortest People In The World

The world’s little people have fascinated others since time began. To honor them and their struggles to survive in a world not exactly built to accommodate them, here is a look at a collection of […]

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King of the Jungle: 50 of the Best Examples of Lion Photography

The most social of the big cats that are considered the Kings and Queens of the savannas and planes of Africa and Asia King were captured by a number of photographers on a quest for […]

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Your 2023 Self Could Really Surprise You

You never really know how far you’ve come until you look back at how much you’ve changed. Ultimately no good truly comes from looking back, so it’s best to take a few minutes to look […]

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