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52 Tricks To Teach Your Dog

The recent addition of an adorable little pup to our family has been a joy. And since she’s smart as a whip, I think I might have to try out most of these. If you […]

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What Is The Most Astonishing Fact About The Universe?

Alright in spite of today’s rough start, it’s time to get deep (something I usually try to avoid on Mondays). Let’s learn the answer to this: What Is The Most Astonishing Fact About The Universe?

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Netflix Cuts Out Over 6 Days Of Commercials From Your Life Per Year, Compared To Cable TV

Do you have cable? The bad news is not only are you paying too much for entertainment, but you’re losing almost a week of your life. Read the proof here with Netflix Cuts Out Over […]

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11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We all know life can be tough at times. And it seems our ability to laugh off those tough times are what makes life worth living. See these 11 Simple Life Hacks To Make Your […]

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Climate Change? Some People May Not Be Sweating It Because The Weather Is Nicer

Not everyone is freaking out about the Earth’s weather the way that scientists have for the better part of the last 30 years. In fact, some are relishing in the higher temps and unstable changes. […]

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On The Charts: Lumineers Score First Number One With ‘Cleopatra’

It’s Music Monday and the sun is shining. So it’s time for new tunes! The Lumineers are my choice for the day. Give “Ophelia” her due and lend your ears. Here’s On The Charts: Lumineers […]

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Differential DNA Repair Underlies Mutation Hotspots At Active Promotors In Cancer Genomes

Here’s good news for people that hate cancer. A recent study published in the Nature journal revealed a link between increased DNA mutations and cancer growth. Which means we may be a step closer to […]

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What You Should Know About The Panama Papers

It seems there’s a new information leak every week in this world. This time it’s not Panamagate. It’s something more. Or less. Depending on what you hold important. Regardless, here’s What You Should Know About […]

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6 Easter Customs From Around The World

If you’re curious what folks on the other side of the globe to do celebrate Easter Sunday, look here. See these 6 Easter Customs From Around The World because no matter what you believe about […]

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New Mars Gravity Map

If you’re into “life” on Mars, you’ll love to know that the geniuses at NASA have just released a New Mars Gravity Map. How awesome is this to see?!?!?

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