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Which Words Originated In Your Birth Year?

Man, people make a gazillion new words every couple of centuries! Betcha didn’t know that one of the words in the previous sentence was whipped up in the same year I was invented! Check out […]

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Heroic Pit Bulls

“Bad” pitbulls are just like “bad” children. It’s all in how you raise them. And though both have “bad” raps, the truth is (the dogs at least) can do a lot of good too. Read […]

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Sex Professor

Alright guys: imagine you had a close female friend you could defer to for help and answers when your sexcapades had you searching. The genii at Men’s Health found that woman just for you. Her […]

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The Best Holiday Gifts For Babies, Toddlers Preschoolers, and Big Kids – Most Under $50!

With a huge family, wallets thinning faster than my husband’s hair (sorry schweetheeeaaart) and a really tight holiday shopping budget this year, I was at a serious loss as to what to buy the kids. […]

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“Sex”y Brains and Selfish Genes: Do You Want To Build A Straw Man?

I’m not a man. But I love them. And today’s modern view on the programming differences between men and women’s brains tend to give men a bad rap. Which just isn’t fair since men have […]

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Maid of Honor Loses Herself in Eminem-Inspired Wedding Toast

Long winded best man and maid of honor speeches are generally a snooze at weddings. This one is absolutely not. Check out how this Maid of Honor Loses Herself In Eminem-Inspired Wedding Toast.

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Where Do Santa’s Letters Really Go?

Every year the Postal Service handles thousands of letters from children to Jolly Old St. Nick. Check out where the letters are actually delivered with Where Do Santa’s Letters Really Go?

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29 Facts You May Not Know About Toy Story

Disney Pixar’s ridiculously successful Toy Story films are cherished by almost two decades of fans. One would think they know everything there is to know about Buzz, Woody, and the Gang after all this time. […]

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Time for a break, a giggle, and a cup of coffee…in that order. Relax, breathe, and enjoy Unlimited.

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14 Amazing Country Songs For People Who Hate Country

Though we all are entitled to our own opinion, there’s few things in life that I absolutely loathe. So I can’t lie to you: contemporary country sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. The […]

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