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Get Rid of Bugs Organically

Living in the country has its advantages. But one of it’s more pesky disadvantages is the number of bugs that find their way into homes. Here’s a quick study on how to Get Rid of […]

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11 Curious Events That Really Happened

They say there are few surprises after a certain age but sometimes life sends us reeling. Take meat showers. And flattened Siberian forests. Oh plus meowing nuns?? Check out these 11 Curious Events That Really […]

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I’ve Had The Time Of My Life

The Trump – Clinton shitshow known as present day politics has taken quite a gnarly turn with highly publicized, hostile debates. Fortunately for those of us who love to laugh, LuckyTV took the worst and […]

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If I Actually Dressed For The Job I Want

The only thing worse than a case of the Mondays is the case of the Tuesdays after having a long weekend. To celebrate, here’s If I Actually Dressed For The Job I want.

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Nobel Prize 2016: Here Are The Winners (And What They Achieved)

Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Prize way back in 1895 but we’re still carrying on the tradition. Celebrate with us by perusing Nobel Prize 2016: Here Are The Winners (And What They Achieved).

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Single Vs. In A Relationship

There are advantages and disadvantages to coupling up. Check out College Humor’s funny perspective on Single Vs. In A Relationship. Laugh! It’s FRIDAY!

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What It’s Like To Date A Real Narcissist

Here’s a revealing look into the other side of Narcissistic Personality Disorder…the narcissist’s partner. See What It’s Like To Date A Real Narcissist.

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Surprising Facts About Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is one of those least officially researched and discussed illnesses slowly wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Get informed with these Surprising Facts About Lyme Disease.

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Photos: Fall Colors

Mother Nature has certainly let her colors fly this fall in the Northeastern U.S. Savor the foliage with this one! Here’s Photos: Fall Colors.

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Why Do Jews Get Circumcised?

Whether man or woman, we all agree that any kind of lacerating of penii is sooooo not funny. Except for this joke. Why Do Jews Get Circumcised?

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