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Work Sick Day Stories

My youngest son and I are sick, sick, sick with some god awful flu and sinus health disaster. And trying like hell to not miss work made me think of this one: Work Sick Day […]

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3 Ways To Regulate Your Emotions

As a moody chick, I have found some of the worst choices I have ever made were based in how I felt rather than what I thought. So to get a better grip on both, […]

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Spot-On Marriage Tweets

Time to take a break from all of Trump’s Tweeting to pick on dread-filled unholy wedlock. Pick at the entire institution with these Spot-On Marriage Tweets with me!

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‘Catastrophic’ Lack Of Sleep In Modern Society Is Killing Us, Warns Leading Sleep Scientist

Our momdern lives are too wildly unhealthy for any kind of sustained wellness. And it seems even our sleep is in a sick state. Check out ‘Catastophic’ Lack Of Sleep In Modern Society Is Killing […]

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Victorian Paintings: A Miscellany

The Victorians were a unique breed of human. From their extraordinary houses to rampant “proper” sex, and even their wacky etiquette, it’s no wonder their art leaves a little something unsettling in the minds of […]

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Our President

The POTUS known as The Donald has caused quite the shitstorm on Twitter. And the geniuses of the interwebs made sure the rest of us had the chance to laugh it off. Check out Our […]

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9 Pics To Bring Humanity Into The Darkness, And 9 To Bring Them Back Into The Light

Humans are an awful bunch who do good at times. And there’s no better proof than to look around at the way the world is spinning…or by peeking at these 9 Pics To Bring Humanity […]

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This Is The World’s Most Googled Sex Question, And The Answer Is More Complicated Than You Think

Do you ever wonder more about your or your partner’s body and seek the answers to your sexy time questions online? You’re not alone. In fact, you’re one of billions it seems. Check out how […]

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Going Gray

I’m no spring chicken but I never thought time would hit so hard as it has. I’m finding gray hairs all over the place and it’s quite a shock. It makes me wonder when most […]

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Sorry, Not Sorry: When Apologizing Makes Things Worse

The only thing worse than an apology which never comes is one that never should have been said. If you don’t believe me, read this one on Sorry, Not Sorry: When Apologizing Makes Things Worse.

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