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4 Steps – Ask Men

Imagine learning nearly whatever you wanted to know about work, dressing well, eating right, working out, picking up your future girlfriend/wife, and other life experiences from someone you can trust in only 4 steps. Guess […]

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The 5 Step Program

If you aren’t aware of the meat industry’s cruel treatment of animals, consider yourself lucky. And if you are, consider The 5 Step Program to raising your own meat.

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Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain

The New Year will bring new challenges, experiences, and memories. Sharpen the best tool your body offers with Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain.

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How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

The New York Times published a survey similar to the Harvard Dialect Survey to help collect data for the 2002 project launched by Bert Vaux and Scott Golder to better understand the gist of linguistics. […]

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Year End Lists 2013: Movies

It’s hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close (already!?!) Harder still is the number of sub par, so-so, and super movies Hollywood released this year. Check them out here with Year […]

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Defining and Demanding A Musician’s Fair Shake In The Internet Age

The digital age is taking its toll on all of us but especially those trying to make it in the music industry. Read just how tough it is with Defining and Demanding A Musician’s Fair […]

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Funny Pic Dump (12.24.13)

Pleated Jeans knew how to celebrate Christmas Eve right this year. Their collection of hilarity can be enjoyed here with Funny Pic Dump (12.24.13). Cheers!

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What Alan Turing Gave Psychology

On Christmas Eve, 2013, The Queen offered British mathematician Alan Turing a pardon from a “crime” he committed sixty years ago. Read how his efforts transformed technology and what we know about the human mind […]

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A Mystery People – The Melungeons

Dark skinned but ginger haired people living in the Southeastern US during the late 1600s and early 1700s have seemed to stump anthropologists. Little is known about this group of folks other than they were […]

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To Spotlight Endangered Species…Condoms?

It’s doubtful you run down the endangered species list while having a tryst but a group of people may have. They are from the Center for Biological Diversity and they’ve given away over 25,000 free […]

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