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How Money Makes You Lie And Cheat

The journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes published a highly revealing study between George Washingtons and one’s abilities to deceive. Read it here with How Money Makes You Lie And Cheat. People are really […]

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Mission Mars One

Do you want to be the actual people who live Life On Mars? It’s wild but you can! Just get in touch with Bas Lansdorp and his Dutch non-for-profit group busy readying a human colony […]

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“Married Kama Sutra” Is The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual

The monotony – we mean monogamy – we mean mendacity of the holy happiness between husband and wife is special. Sooo special all the marrieds and singles can unite in laughter with Buzzfeed’s “Married Kama […]

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Saturn’s Moon Titan Might Explain How Life Started On Earth

What does primordial soup, Saturn’s largest methane and nitrogen rich moon, and generations of self-replicating living compounds have in common? You may not believe it but Saturn’s Moon Titan Might Explain How Life Started On […]

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Overly Suave IT Guy

Computer techs hold the keys to sanity when our computers crash and most of us ordinary folks give up. And contrary to popular belief, they can be smooth with the ladies. See for yourself here […]

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21 People Having A Really Bad Day

Living through the bad days helps us better appreciate the good ones. Have a laugh and relax since it always could be worse then check out 21 People Having A Really Bad Day.

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Air Pollution Can Wreck Your Mental Health Too

Growing up in a small town with a downtown dog food plant, a large city with a place called Chemical Avenue, or generally enduring any kind of smelly environment can take its toll. Read how […]

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Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans Because of Obamacare

Sixteen million or roughly 85% of America’s insured citizens are getting cancellation notices on their health plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Yech. Here’s more with Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans […]

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Is Yelling Detrimental To Your Children

When you lose your temper, do you raise your voice? Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found parents who yell cause longterm psychological damage to their children. Read more about Is Yelling Detrimental To Your […]

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Ranking The 25 Hottest Costumes Girls Wear On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that every (trashy) woman in the universe will likely slu-I mean glam – it up in honor of the day. So to help spread the happiness […]

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