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10 Key Signs Of Having An Addiction

Anyone struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, or even smoking knows how hard it is to quit. And keep quitting. If you or someone you love is tangled up in the toxic reality of their inner […]

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Should You Adopt A Puppy Or An Adult?

Cesar Millan knows a thing or two about dogs and Dog Whispering. If your family is begging for a dog, it’s best to take Cesar’s advice. Here’s his answer to Should You Adopt A Puppy […]

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So This Is How The World Ends, Isn’t It?

What is the likelihood all of mankind will be wiped out in one swoop? If you believe Stephen Hawking, it’s already happening as technology takes hold and controls us all. Or so they say. Anyway, […]

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40 Of The Last Storybook Towns Of Europe

So if taking a European vacation is on you’re bucket list, we have some really good news for you. The following 40 Of The Last Storybook Towns Of Europe are alive and well, offering travelers […]

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Whether your day is just starting or just ending, it doesn’t matter: you deserve both a break and a laugh. Do that here after you take a peek at Shingles. You’ll giggle I promise…

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Holiday Cocktail & Drink Recipe Ideas

Ever have yourself a Candy Cane Cocktail? How about a Hot Buttered Rum? Now you can mix and shake your way to some great boozy beverages with Holiday Cocktail & Drink Recipe Ideas.

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4 Signs Your Liver Is Crying Uncle

Tis the season to party! But how much your holiday festivities affect your health is up to you. Go easy with your holiday cocktails if you notice any of these 4 Signs Your Liver Is […]

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Subliminal Cues Impact Motivation, Endurance, And Longevity

No matter how old or young you are, you are affected greatly by the things you see. The way you think, the way you feel, your actions, and even how long you live can be […]

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Report Portrays A Broken CIA Devoted To A Failed Approach

The Central Intelligence Agency of the US operates based upon a profound and complicated system. Unfortunately, many believe that very system is fraught with internal strife, lousy management and severe problems that need to be […]

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10 Great Subtraction And Addition Apps For Kids

If you find yourself in the doctors office, on a long car ride, or in some other situation with an antsy, bored little one, chances are you may pass your smart phone or tablet over […]

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