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Google, Facebook Say It’s ‘Imperative’ That U.S. Hand Over Control of Internet

Man oh man oh man we might as well kiss the last bit of the First Amendment goodbye since the big wheels of the internet are pushing us all toward international control of the internet. […]

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Why Millenials Are Failing To Shack Up

As one who has seen the end of a pair of marriages and a few truly lifechanging relationships, it’s no surprise to me that a “companionate plus lots of sleepovers” arrangement between romantic partners seems […]

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Brad Pitt Breaks Silence on Divorce From Angelina Jolie: “What Matters Most Now Is The Well-Being Of Our Kids”

In “Holy sh*t” news, Brangelina are DONE. And the sunken ship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s two year marriage, ten year relationship, and “shared visitation” of their 6 children has caught the world by […]

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16 Remedies To Kick The Common Cold

Fall’s approach generally equals an uptake in flus and viral infections that wreak havoc on immune systems. If you get sick, here are 16 Remedies To Kick The Common Cold.

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What’s Something You Do That You Think More People Should Do?

Whenever I leave the house, I try with everything I am to make the world a better place. There’s enough negativity in the universe, why add to it, you know? That said, it seems I’m […]

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The Doll’s Eye Plant – The Woods Have Eyes Too

As if being deep in the woods isn’t scary enough for those who fear such things, there’s some creepy flora and fauna that make forests even more scary. Here’s The Doll’s Eye Plant – The […]

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Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

It seems the stupid are deestroying not only their relationships but also the earth at a rapid pace. And if you’re remotely inquisitive, you might wonder why. Here are the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity […]

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Men Perform Better In Bed When Put Under The Spotlight, Study Finds

A recent study found men’s libidos are greatly affected by the amount of light they receive. Which makes perfect sense to some of us ladies. Read it here with Men Perform Better In Bed When […]

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69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings

They say that the world’s banks are even less trustworthy than they were in 2008 when the American housing market crashed. And according to this report, it may be because 69% of Americans Have Less […]

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NY, NJ Bombings: Suspect Wounded, Arrested After Shootout; 2 Officers Hit

It’s safe to say that unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the NYC/Chelsea and New Jersey bombings. You may not have heard this though. Here’s NY, NJ Bombings: Suspect Wounded, Arrested After […]

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