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Heavy Rotation: 10 SXSW Discoveries Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing

This year’s SXSW festival was shrouded with tragedy after a car crashed into a crowd. But as with all great tragedies, some powerful art arose from the sadness. See the best of it here with […]

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The One Thing You Should Do After Meeting Anyone New

Whether you’re building a small business, massive corporation or even a new relationship, take some tips from a 24 year old entrepreneur who has accomplished more success than people double his age. Read The One […]

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Eminem Becomes Second Best-Selling Male Artist

Marshall Bruce Mathers, the real Slim Shady and white boy from Detroit, has ripped to the top of music charts with Monster-ously popular tunes since the 1990s has made history. And we’re pretty happy for […]

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A Startlingly Simple Theory About The Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Humanity has been puzzled by the disappearance of over 200 people who boarded the Malaysian Jet for over a week. And though many, including Courtney Love, have offered explanations as to where this plane went, […]

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Men are capable of great things. And they are also human. They mess up. And do some really stupid sh*t. See the worst of it here with Why Women Live Longer Than Men.

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99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

Confessional time: one of my failings as a human is I completely lack any sense of decorating style. But luckily, I have the ‘net. And it can help me redo this crummy old dresser I’ve […]

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The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits

In our sue happy living, many never hesitate to seek damages for some of the most preposterous reasons. Here is a list of the worst of ‘em with The Most Ridiculous Lawsuits.

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Why Do We Cross Our Fingers For Good Luck?

We do it when we ask the universe for a little extra “oomph” (and we may even do it when we lie but that’s another post). Check out the answer to today’s big question: Why […]

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Before You Buy A Fixer-Upper, Check The Biggest Money Pit Problems

You have your eye on a house and you’re thinking about buying one. If you want a new house, congrats. If you want to remodel an old house, think again. Here’s Before You Buy A […]

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How To Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up

Thinking about sharing a life but not marriage certificate? That’s probably wise. And to help remind you that a penny saved is a penny earned, read How to Manage Finances When You’re Shacking Up.

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