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Ghost Islands: Eight Of The Eeriest Abandoned Places On The Seas

Ghost stories are just as spooky as ghost towns. Check out some of the greatest, most creepy remote locations on earth with Ghost Islands: Eight Of The Eeriest Abandoned Places On The Seas.

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The Sexiest Halloween Costumes Ever

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of the year again where the women get a little risque in their attire. And the men just kind of enjoy their manliness. Sit back, relax, and check out Page […]

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Extreme Halloween Decorating

Remember how the Griswalds (from the National Lampoon’s Vacation era) overdid their Christmas decorating and fried their cat, tree, and dad Clark? Apparently that happens in real life this time of the year. Check out […]


Scary Halloween Stories

Have you ever heard a creepy Halloween tale so unsettling you got goosebumps? If not, you can now with the following Scary Halloween Stories.

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The Wittiest Halloween Jokes, Riddles, And Puns

Celebrate this Halloween with more than just candy! Be sure to pack in as much laughter as you can. Start here with The Wittiest Halloween Jokes, Riddles, And Puns.

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Top 10 Halloween Recipes

It’s time for ghostly treats, spooky tricks, and PARTY FOOD! Check out the cutest and most delicious snacks and sweets weith Our favorite cute Halloween recipes! These top-rated spooky recipes are sure to scare up […]

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‘Thriller’ Sung In 20 Different Styles

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is one of the best songs of all time. And when the genius of Anthony Vincent re-produced this acclaimed tune, the results were AMAZING! Give a listen to ‘Thriller’ Sung In 20 […]

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Fake And Hilarious London Underground Signs

Time to laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh! Check out how some creative folks did just this with Fake and Hilarious London Underground Signs.

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How To Sell Your Music On The Internet

Did you abandon your musical career for the sake of something more stable? We found some good news for you. You can resurrect your dreams and even make enough money to sustain yourself. Here’s How […]

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Family With 12 Sons Wonders: Will Baby 13 Break Streak?

Jay and Kateri Schwandt are just your average every day Catholic family from Michigan who just so happen to have ONE DOZEN SONS! Can you imagine their grocery bill?? Oh and they are pregnant again…read […]

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