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Embezzled Ring

If anyone needs a great price on a diamond, here’s the place to go to.  This gem is not only a size 6 but it’s also embezzled!   What a deal, man!!      

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What Home Looked Like For Seven Million Years

We are all the product of where we lived.  To better understand how humans evolved from our ape ancestors, we have to know where we evolved.  Since natural selection has its favorites just as humans […]

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9 Largest Fish Ever Caught

Every great fisherman has that tale about that BIG fish that spat the hook and swam away.  These guys managed to make history by not only hooking, but catching that BIG fish.  Here are 9 […]

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11 Bizarre Or Shocking TV Deaths

Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized parting of ways from CBS’ Two and A Half Men leaves his character dead per the latest gossip…it’s just a question of how.   Though writers for the hit show have yet […]

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10 Nostalgic Electronic Toys

Great electronic toys from days past paved the way for modern day Leapfrog, Wii, and the Xbox fanatics.  For over 30 years, electronics have entertained kids and adults.  From the retro Atari video game system […]

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What Lives Inside Your Navel

Whether you have an innie or and outie, your navel is prime breeding ground to a jungle of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and other microscopic stuff.  The good news is, the creepy crawlies living within your […]

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16 Celebrities Who Are Smarter Than You Think

Mixed in the glitz and glam of Hollywood are a rare few celebrities who have more than two brain cells stuck behind their gorgeous faces.  A minute number actors and actresses are smarter than they […]

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10 Oscar Winning Films That Pushed The Sex Envelope

Hollywood’s shying away from sex these days thanks mostly to prudish American viewers.  Despite waning libidos, filmmakers have crafted a formula for sneaking some of the most aggressive sex into Oscar winning films: a healthy […]

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6 Tiny Things that Have Mind-Blowing Global Impacts

The butterfly effect is an actual scientific principle beyond the mixed up Ashton Kutcher film.   Everyday tiny things which seem insignificant add up quickly and hugely impact the global scale.  Here are 6 teeny […]

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100 Striking Examples Of Grunge Photography

Grunge photography goes far beyond what the naked eye perceives and brings with it a dimension of frightening and powerful emotions.   Here are 100 striking examples of grunge photography that are sure to make […]

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