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10 Dumb Urban Legends

Some great writer stated that a rumor has wings but a scandal has legs.  So it makes sense that bad news travel fast, especially in the form of urban legends.  Here’s 10 Dumb Urban Legends, […]

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10 Terrifying Facts About Bats

Swooping and clicking  under the night sky and dangling in dark places by day tiny are tiny little fanged creatures with reputations worse than Paris Hilton’s: bats!  Though bats are often feared and misunderstood, bats […]

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10 Most Beautiful Swamps On Earth

The words “beautiful” and “swamps” generally do not coincide but since wetlands are important to our ecosystem.  Once one look’s past the mud, creepy crawlers, and mosquitoes,  swamps can be quite picturesque.  Here are the […]

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The Funniest Construction FAILS Ever: Volume 2

We all know that building things is tough as it requires meticulous planning, engineering, and craftsmanship.  Sometimes projects go haywire between the planning and execution.   Though the results have the potential for tragedy, at least […]

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Man Busted For DIY Fission Experiments

A man from Sweden took at home, do it yourselfing to a nuclear level.  Thirty one year old Richard Handle of Stolkholm Ängelhom got in touch with Sweden’s Radiation Authority to find out if his […]

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The 6 Most Epic One Man Armies In The History Of War

Some punks think they’re really badass until they find themselves in a desperate place.  Then they crack like an egg.  Other folks are so bad they go down giving it everything they’ve got and then […]

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20 Most Disturbing Twitter Pics

Twitter is inspiring.  It’s really a great place to Tweet all of the juicy bits of your daily lift.  Problem is, some folks go a little bird shit with their Tweets.   We’re not sure why […]

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10 Scariest Ghostly Images And Recordings

Folks have argued for centuries over what happens after death.  Skeptics and cynics believe folks just die.  Believers think that our souls continue on to the next life.   Compliments of technology, even skeptics may changed […]

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12 Hilarious Sales Fails

Luring customers with creative marketing and clever advertising generally draws a good crowd.  Though every shopper likes a sale, some places should reconsider their “deals.”  Here are 12 Hilarious Sales Fails!

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11 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

No one ever said parenting would be easy.  No one ever said it would be so hard either.  Keeping your little ones safe is not nearly as simple as one may think but sometimes experiences […]

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