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20 Beautiful Women In Painted-On Sports Jerseys

Supporting your favorite team isn’t anything new.  Some ladies take their support to a whole new extreme via painting their favorite sports jerseys on their flesh.  Here are 20 Beautiful Women In Painted-On Sports Jerseys.

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Five Young Comedians Who Need To Become Movie Stars

Sometimes the secret to capturing an audience is as simple as making them laugh.  Stand up comedy is the most hilarious aspect of Hollywood’s glitz and there’s a few comedians we’d like to see enter […]

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Classic Cartoons We Want On DVD

If you were lucky enough to be a kid during the 1980s, you grew up during a time when some of the very best cartoons aired on television.  Since today’s cartoons are no match for […]

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The 10 Strangest Ancient/Outdated Sex Beliefs

Long before doctors and researchers delved deep into the wonders of reproduction, our ancestors during the early 20th century formulated some “wives tales” regarding doing the deed.  The ancients believed that beaver’ testicles were a […]

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A Low Down, Dirty Good Time (30 Photos)

We all like to have a good time and there’s no good time like a low down, dirty one.  If you’ve never set your flatulence on fire, flushed an entire roll of toilet paper just […]

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Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business

Social networking like everything else, is based upon who you know.  Harnessing the power of social networking is a great way to expand a business as some experts believe social networks unlock not only the […]

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Huge Group Of Polar Dinosaur Tracks Discovered In Australia

Scientists recently made a huge discovery on the rocky shores of Victoria, Australia when they unearthed multiple sets of three toed dinosaur tracks.  The theropod footprints were the best preserved collection of  ever found within […]

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Tetris Furniture And Rubik’s Kitchens

Michael Johansson, an inventive Swedish artist, has mastered the art of maximizing the efficiency of tight spaces.  Using furniture, cars, computers, trailers, and even people, Johansson has created cubes and structures unlike anything you’ve seen […]

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Glass Beach Of California

The phrase “walking on broken glass” has come to life thanks to the MacKerricher State Park located within Fort Bragg, California.   Seems the sea churned years and years worth of household trash ashore, creating Glass […]

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Solar Flares: What Does It Take To Be X-Class?

Coronal Mass Ejections are not some the punchline of a naughty joke about the sun as it reaches it’s solar maximum.  Solar flares are a real, possible threat with the potential to cause huge amounts […]

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