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24 Most Ridiculously Thought Out Storefront Signs

Businesses will do nearly anything to draw customers.  Some ingenious person has gathered pictures of  the most unusual and hilarious storefront signs that not only make normal businesses appear trivial, but have also made the […]

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25 Unusual Begging Methods And Funny Homeless Signs

Times are tough.  With economic turmoil and instability, folks are hard pressed to make ends meet.  Some folks are a little worse off than others, particularly the homeless.  Though it’s no laughing matter, the homeless […]

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15 Worst Performances From Wrestlers In Movies

Since Vince McMahon created the WWE, his multimillion dollar wrestling empire, life has forever been changed.   Millions of fans settle in to watch the antics of professional wrestlers, entertained by their costumes and stories.  Given […]

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20 Paradoxical Paradoxes

A paradox by definition is a statement or group of statements which seem true but lead to a contradiction which defies logic.   The results are often a bit more puzzling.  Here are 20 Paradoxical Paradoxes […]

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Top 10 Weirdest Political Parties

We all know politics are ridiculous but some folks take that to a complete extreme.  Compliments of radical ideas, bizarre plans, curious press coverage, and crazy candidates, some political parties get attention even if they […]

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30 Pictures Of Birds Attacking People

Humans like to think that we’re in charge and every once in a while nature reminds us who has the upper hand.    When animals attack, the results can be hilarious.  Birds are no exception.  Our […]

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The 20 Most Secretly Brilliant Stupid Criminals

The world is most certainly full of crooks.  Some are smart, some are not so smart, and some are just plainly brilliant in their stupidity.  The list of offenders can range from robbers to hostages, […]

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9 Types Of Jobs That Will Destroy Your Soul

Do you hate your job?  Do you find yourself wondering if there could possibly be anything worse than you are doing right now?  Chances are your job isn’t as bad as you think it is.  […]

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5 Questions You Need To Ask (To Avoid Ruining Your Life)

Everyone at some point or another reaches the place where they stop, look around, and scratch their heads asking: “How the hell did I get here?” In order to prevent such moments, it’s imperative to […]

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And You Thought Your Family Photos Were Awesome

Family photos are a great way to provoke anxiety and cause even the people most comfortable in their skin to feel a bit awkward.  Since blood is thicker than water, most families just laugh off […]

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