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100 Things I Learned From Watching Movies

Watching movies is an entertaining way to pass your down time.  Not only that, movies can be funny, tragic, and even educational in a surreal way.  Here’s 100 Things I Learned From Watching Movies.

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Bottle Cap Design

Gail Anderson, the former senior art director of Rolling Stone magazine has created a very cool collection of bottle caps.  Anderson’s layout and Bottle Cap Design speaks for itself.

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Galactic Sparkly Playdough

Playdoh, the timeless treasure of nearly everyone’s toybox, has entered a new galaxy.  Here’s one of the neatest forms of the world’s best moldable plaything ever…Galactic Sparkly Playdough!

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10 Famous People Who Look Like Pets

Have you ever looked at a high profile celebrity and thought “Wow, so-and-so resembles a [insert animal]?” You’re not alone. The folks at Oddee have created a list from Flava Flave to Mark Zuckerburg comparing […]

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Ridiculous FBI List: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…

FBI agents in Colorado created “potential indicator[s] of terrorist activities” and distributed a list to military surplus stores to help wrangle terrorists.  Actions like paying in cash, demanding identity privacy, and appearance alterations may raise […]

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Top 10 Ghost Ships

Anyone who has stepped foot on a ghost ship describes the eery feeling of the lives that once inhabited the vessel.   Any vessel which has been decommissioned but not sent to scrap, is rumored to […]

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Sex With Your Girlfriend Vs. Sex With Your Wife

If you like it, despite what Beyonce’s booty shaking says, DON’T put a ring on it.  Here’s a flowchart of a married vs. single men’s sex lives.  Here’s the sad but true difference between Sex […]

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The Moon May Be Millions Of Years Younger Than Previously Thought

Rumor has it scientists may have miscalculated the age of the moon.   A team of researchers just ran new tests on moon rocks from the famous Apollo 16 space adventure and have dated the moon […]

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10 Great Painters Who Were Mentally Disturbed

Some of the most creative geniuses were also certifiably nuts.  Here’s a look into the deranged minds of 10 Great Painters Who Were Mentally Disturbed.

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Ancient And Marvelous Turtles

Turtles are the oldest species to inhabit this wonderful world.  Scientists have confirmed that turtles have existed longer than dinosaurs, birds, and mammals.  Turtles have not only survived two extinctions but continue to thrive today.  […]

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