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10 Best Space Food

Space food was originally bland, tasteless, and often mysteriously labelled.  Astronauts used to suffer with suspicious foods like “appetizing appetizers.”  These days, nourishing your body within the International Space Station is a little more delicious […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Friend Your Mom On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network.  It helps users create a digital network between your friends, your enemies, and even your family.  Here’s a cautionary comic as to Why You Shouldn’t Friend Your Mom […]

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The Cute Cartoony Watercolors Of Mark A. Fionda, Jr.

Artist Mark A. Fionda, Jr. has taken characters from some of the best films and cast them into some of the cutest images available.  If Goonies was (or still is) your favorite film from the […]

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58 Classic Novels In 33 Words Or Less

Students are gearing up for yet another school year.  Before walking into English class, you may want to check this link out.  It sums up 58 Classic Novels In 33 Words Or Less…pretty accurately.  Check […]

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5 Physical Details That Reveal Highly Personal Information

We all know looks can be deceiving and that there’s more than meets the eye.  But we never really know precisely how much.    Some folks chipped off the facade to find the 5 Physical Details […]

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Does Marijuana Make You Dumb?

It’s a well known fact that anyone who has taken a puff (or twelve) of pot gets a little dazed, paranoid, mellow, or instantly and insatiably hungry.  Researchers have been “testing” the effects of marijuana […]

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Sad Garbage

Have you ever had one of those days where  nothing went right and you just didn’t feel like you fit anywhere in the universe?  It seems it happens to everyone, and everything – including trash.  […]

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Ugly Faces And Awesome Characters

Here’s a collection of Ugly Faces And Awesome Characters certain to make you cringe, laugh, or cry.  Which is your favorite?

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The Rules Of Finding A Roommate

Times are tough these days with economic downturns and a swinging stock market.  If finances are tight, you may be considering a roommate to cover expenses.  Here’s The Rules Of Finding A Roommate.

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When Algorithms Control The World

Kevin Slavin, an algorithm expert, presented a dire warning at a recent technology show stating that the “maths that computers use to decide stuff” is invading every aspect of human life.  The mathematical formulas which […]

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