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The Weirdest World Championships Ever

If you are not familiar with toe wrestling, pea shooting, extreme ironing, and worm charming, chances are you haven’t fully lived.   Some folks take competition to a previously unheard of level of weird.  Here […]

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Buzzworthy: 5 Hangover Cures You Probably Never Heard Of

We all have heard the best cure for over-imbibing the nectar of the gods is a hair of the dog.  But what if you just can’t stomach the thought of another drop of poison following […]

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Sensational Rock Formations: Moeraki Boulders

Located at the Koekohe Beach on the Otago coast off of New Zealand, the Moeraki Boulders have drawn massive attention.   The strange, sometimes gigantic, odd shaped, and perplexing rocks of unknown origin are fascinating.  Here […]

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Coin Trees Of The UK

Who hasn’t dreamed of a money tree?   The folks of the UK have taken this dream and made it come true since the 1700s.   Compliments of “wishing trees,” where folks would hammer coins in the […]

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50 Must See Documentaries

The countdown to the best documentaries is on compliments of Food Inc’s Morgan Spurlock.  Hoop Dreams was rendered the number one documentary everyone should watch.  Unfortunately the list only includes modern documentaries but here are […]

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