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What Happened On August 1st

How much do you know about history? Learn What Happened On August 1st by going to this link!

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Freshwater Crisis

Scientists have warned us of the dangers of pollution for over 30 years but none of which is as dire as the Freshwater Crisis we face. Read what to do and how to help here.

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Functional Human Hearts Regenerated From Skin Cells

Researchers at Massachusetts General have done what was formerly impossible: they have managed to create new heart cells for those with heart failure and other cardiac issues. Read Functional Human Hearts Regenerated From Skin Cells.

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Why Do We Call Them The Dog Days Of Summer?

There’s nothing like the heat of the hottest days of summer to remind you how great it is. But when it comes to naming those hot, hot days, Why Do We Call Them the Dog […]

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So A Stray Cat Has Adopted You…Now What?

My two year old has been talking about a “kitty” for weeks. But we didn’t have one. That is, until one appeared in our yard and made it’s “meow” heard. Since I am not really […]

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Do I Have To Force My Son To Spend Time With His Father if He Doesn’t Want To?

If you’re a child of divorce, chances are you are rather familiar with how visitation affects children. And if you’re also the divorced parent of a child, you really know. So when they refuse to […]

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Is Your Wife Happily Married?

The wise guys (and girls) at Men’s Health delved deep into scores of data to help married men figure out one key ingredient to marriage. Here’s a big question: Is Your Wife Happily Married?

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Do We Become Less Optimistic As We Grow Older?

They say ignorance is bliss and I say that’s true. Especially over the course of a lifetime. Why do older people see that proverbial cup as half empty? The answer might be in the question […]

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It’s almost Friday so lets take a second to really appreciate laughing. Read Jokes. I promise you will laugh!

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Owls Are Just Cats With Wings, Think About It

Our favorite feathery animal is the amazing owl. And one deep Redditor equated owls to felines. Give this one a look with Owls Are Just Cats With Wings, Think About It…

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