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How Long Does Your Sexual Afterglow Last?

Researchers found a link between romantic happiness and sex. So we ask, how long after you knock boots do your batteries feel charged (and we’re not talking about vibrators here)? How Long Does Your Sexual […]

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5 Guy Behaviors That Women Find Annoying, As Re-Enacted By A Super Hot Comedian

Ever date a ball scratching, noise picking, gas passing, bathroom-noises-over-riding-bathroom-fan, heavily ear haired, couch surfing, weight lifting obsessed, laundry rifling, videogamer? It’s not funny if you have. But this is a gem: the 5 Guy […]

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18 Hilarious Parenting Tips Found On Twitter

Making children is generally easy. Having them is painful. Raising them in this world of hell is really tough at times. So reach for the big guns and pull out these 18 Hilarious Parenting Tips […]

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2017 BH30

A small asteroid that’s closer to the earth than the moon is making headlines. Learn more straight from the folks who know the most about such matters with 2017 BH30.

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How To Survive A Violent Home Invasion

Not having a man in the house is a little unnerving at times. Things that go bump in the night tend to reasonate much deeper and longer than I let my children know. And there’s […]

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Portraits of Cats Dressed In Matching Outfits With Their Owners

Because some people have a well of crazy so deep that Exxon would find it enviable (provided it were full of gas), I deliver Portraits of Cats Dressed In Matching Outfits With Their Owners.

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Q and A With Eddie Van Halen

It’s Eddie Van Halen’s birthday so let’s celebrate by way of a Q and A With Eddie Van Halen.

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Soft Robot Helps The Heart Beat

There’s new hope beyond transplant for kids and folks living with heart failure (or as the bigtime professionals prefer to call it “dysfunction.”) And it’s not your standard, messy, clot inducing ECMO and VAD’s. It’s […]

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How Texas’ Overburdened Foster Care System Has Produced A Generation of Lost Adults

I have a dear friend who grew up in foster care and though he turned out to be an amazing human being, his wounds are deep. Much like these kids stuck in the failing systems […]

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Corporate States of America: Industry Ties To Trump’s Cabinent Nominations

In “I don’t even know what to say so just read this” news, here’s Corporate States of America: Industry Ties To Trump’s Cabinent Nominations.

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