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Strange Messages Coming From The Stars Are “Probably” From Aliens

Scientists have several theories regarding life beyond our planet. And now it seems that they might have confirmation. Check it out here with Strange Messages Coming From The Stars Are “Probably” From Aliens.

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It’s Rude To Ask The Age of the Oldest U.S. Home For Sale (But We Did)

I love old houses. They have an energy that new houses lack. And often, if they are well preserved and cared for, they have a certain degree of craftmanship unseen and unmatched in the past […]

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British Scientists Discover Way To Stop Sperm Swimming – And Men Could Take It Just Before Sex

We’re not sure what the future holds but one thing is certain: men may have more power over procreation than ever. Here’s Male Pill Moves A Step Closer: British Scientists Discover Way To Stop Sperm […]

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Feeling Lost In The Middle of Your Life

No matter what your age, it’s not easy growing older. Especially when Feeling Lost In The Middle of Your Life. There’s help…

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What To Say When He Doesn’t Follow Through

I don’t have many experiences with a lot of men but have enough to know that most of the time there’s a huge difference between what they commit to verbally and what they actually do. […]

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Breakfast Before Or After Workout?

If you break a sweat and work it in the early morning, do you take the time to eat first? Is it better to wait? Here’s a good question: Breakfast Before Or After Workout?

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Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas For A Modern Kids’ Room

If your home is a little tight on space and you have to double or triple up your children, there’s no need to sacrifice form for function. See how here with Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas […]

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Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits and How To Guide

If you’re a believer in the natural benefits of food, this one might be interesting to you. Check out Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits And How To Guide.

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Key Turning Points In The History of YouTube

Users of the highly acclaimed online video source known best as YouTube get a lot of information and a lot of junk. I tend to only use the site for music but many choose to […]

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Dirt Poor: Have Fruits And Vegetables Become Less Nutritious ?

An incredible study led by DOnald Davis at the University of Texas concluded that the nutrient density in our modern fruits and vegetables is tremendously less than it was just 30 years ago. Read Dirt […]

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