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Study Proves Moms Spend Too Much Time With Their Kids, Liberates Working Moms Everywhere

The University of Maryland recently completed a study on a mother’s relationships with their child/children. It seems that sometimes the quality of time is more important than the quantity of it (or so they say). […]

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NASA Working With National Nuclear Security Administration On Plan To Use Nukes On Doomsday Asteroid

If the end of the world was due to a massive asteroid destined to wipe out life on earth, who would you trust to try to save us all? It seems NASA and the National […]

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The Smart Future Of Clean

Are you tired of chasing your tail in terms of keeping your home sparkling and tidy? Guess what. Now you don’t have to pay a cleaning woman because there’s a gadget for nearly every chore. […]

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Things You Must Vow To Do To Your Wife Before You Say “I Do”

Marriages are built upon promises and the health of a marriage is generally related to upkeeping those promises. See one person’s take on the things that must come before the rings with Things You Must […]

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Wean Yourself Off Your GPS Dependency And Actually Find Your Way Around

While traveling the back country, rural roads nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains, I realized something pretty important: my GPS doesn’t go everywhere. Rather than freak out, I used my human senses to […]

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Tricks And Tips To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

If you want a glimpse of true natural beauty, step outside. Wander a forest. Breathe, watch, and listen. And if you want to bring a piece of it home to you, check out these Tricks […]

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Don’t Harass The Queen’s Guard

You’ve likely heard the phrase: “Mess with the bull, you get the horns” but what happens if you mess with the Queen of England and her Royal Guard? See the answer here with Don’t Harass […]

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The Baby Name Trend That Is On The Rise

It seems that the problem of over population may slow down thanks to things like “fast” relationships, anti-marriage societal forces, and the ever growing presence of androgyny. Oh and toss on the list the things […]

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Celebrity Love Letters

There’s something to be said about the feeling a hand written, heart felt exchange can offer. And when the well loved and famed folks do it, the rest of us can not only read it […]

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The Disgusting Disease That’s On The Bottom Of Your Shoes

Your boots or sneakers or flip flops have been made for walking. And when we stop to think about what they’ve walked through with us, well, it’s disturbing. See The Disgusting Disease That’s On The […]

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