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30 Most Offensive Church Signs of All Time

During most of our daily commutes, we travel past several churches displaying spiritual messages on their marquees. Most of the time it is a phrase such as “Jesus Saves” or an uplifting passage from the […]

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20 of Elmo’s Hottest Sexual Conquests

Everyone knows that Elmo likes to be tickled. But few realize that he is quite a player. You would be shocked with some of the celebrities that have spent some time at Elmo’s Sesame Street […]

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6 Rules For Avoiding Small Talk

Did you know that experts recently found that the happiest people in America only engaged in only one-third as much small talk as the unhappiest participants? As a result, I now have a scientific excuse […]

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90 Girls Knocked Up at the Same High School

Is there something in the water at this Memphis High School? Or is MTV holding auditions for Teen Mom at a local mall? Regardless, there is certainly a sex ed teacher who should be looking […]

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7 Snowmen That Would Traumatize Children

Frosty the Snowman may have been a holly jolly soul, but these 7 snowmen–not so much! These snow masterpieces will make you wonder what exactly was in the cornccob pipe of the snowmen creators. Check […]

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