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21 As Seen on TV Products for Ultimate Laziness

If you are tired of having to do things the hard way, i.e. having to move your limbs or get out of your chair, these As Seen on TV products are right up your alley. […]

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Google Introduces Facial Recognition Tool

Google has introduced its first contribution into the world of social facial recognition technologies with the unveiling of Find My Face, a tagging suggestion tool for its Google+ social network. It works pretty much like […]

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Man Sentenced to 13 Months for Fake Breast Exams

He seemed legit to me… An 81-year-old Florida man has been sentenced to 13 months in prison for posing as a doctor and going door-to-door offering free breast exams. He assaulted two victims in 2006 […]

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Top 10 Everything of 2011

When they say everything, they mean it. In 54 wide-ranging lists, TIME lists the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of the past 12 months. Get comfy, there’s a lot of neat lists […]

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Former Stray Cat Inherits $13 Million

Tomasso is one lucky alley cat. His wealthy and childless owner passed away recently leaving her entire fortune to the 4-year-old cat. The cat was rescued from the streets of Rome by Maria Assunta and […]

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13 Terrible Christmas Decorations

Ever notice how some people can’t help but go overboard with their holiday decorations? Yeah. Walmart did too and they have plenty of ugly and outrageous Christmas decorations to sell to these people.

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O.B. Apologizes For Missing Tampons with a Song

Last year millions were apparently horrified when O.B. tampons vanished from store shelves. They’re back now, but O.B. really wants to say they are sorry for going away. To apologize, at least to Canadian women, […]

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Bad Lip Reader Makes Pop Songs Better

A guy on YouTube has succeeded in building a wildly popular channel by remaking popular songs into what it looks like they are singing. For some, it’s quite an improvement.

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Not Monogamous? You’re Too Risky to Donate an Organ.

According to new federal health guidelines from the CDC, unless you have had only one sex partner in the last year, you are too promiscuous to be an organ donor. If you have had two […]

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A Collection of Hideous Christmas Sweaters

Unless you are a school teacher, you probably don’t get the opportunity to wear one of these ridiculous looking sweaters very often. Here is a collection of sweaters reserved for ugly sweater parties and contests, […]

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