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The Weird Wildlife of Antarctica

When you think about the animals that live on the North Pole with Santa, do you automatically think of penguins? Most people do, but it turns out that penguins and seals really just visit Antarctica. […]

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Karaoke Singer Beats the Crap Out of People After Getting Booed Off Stage

After being booed off stage during karaoke and asked to leave Cabana Jack’s, Isiah Johnson didn’t go home humiliated. Instead, he returned to the bar and punched three people in the face and went to […]

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25 Pictures We Can’t Really Explain

Here you go, your daily dose of wtf/funny/gross/dumb – all mashed together in an unprotected image orgy.

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NY Says Ok to Burying Humans in Pet Cemetries

Although 700 people have already been buried at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York, it was not supposed to be allowed. However, the Cemetery Board recently changed its decision and now says that human […]

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Teacher Suspended After Writing “Stupid” on Student’s Forehead

A teacher in Tennessee is suspended without pay and expected to be terminated after apparently using a marker to write the word “stupid” on a student’s forehead. It was the teacher’s first year on the […]

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10 Catch Phrases You Swore You’d Never Use (And When You Used Them)

You’ve used them. We all have. No matter how hard we might try not to, there are certain situations in which they just fit perfectly and roll off the tongue.

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40 Things to Make You Feel Old

Time flies when you’re having fun, and even if you’re not. Getting old is no fun but here are 40 fun things that will make you realize you’re not getting any younger.

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Teacher Arrested for Battery on a McDonald’s Worker

A middle school teacher in Lakeland, Florida was arrested after allegedly throwing food at a McDonald’s employee. Cops say 39-year-old Simone Paolercio was in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s when she got into a dispute […]

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10 Tech Items You No Longer Need

It’s not that these items weren’t awesome and very useful when they came out, it’s just that you only have so many pockets and you can’t carry an endless amount of gadgetry around with you. […]

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New Drug Could Give You Incredible Memory

It’s the beginning of the end. Scientists have found a gene in mice brains’, that can be turned on to give them super memories. Since mice brains and human brains are pretty similar, it could […]

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