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The World’s Largest Gummi Bear

We’re fascinated by big foods; obesity epidemic be damned. Even the calorie conscious have to admit, this huge gummi bear is pretty cute. It’s not your average bear – it’s 6,200 times bigger than a […]

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Fallen Soldier Leaves Buddies $1 Million For Vegas Party

Before being deployed to Afghanistan, David Hart took out a $3 million life insurance policy. He was killed in combat one day before his 24th birthday. It was his wish that just under $1 million […]

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2011 in Pop in 5 Minutes

With a musical landscape as fragmented as ours has become in 2011, it’s easy to miss even some of the most ubiquitous hits. That’s why every year now I look forward to DJ Earworm’s all-embracing […]

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Monsters and UFOs to Watch for in 2012

2011 was a year of weird news, and sitting on the cusp of 2012, it’s time to look back on the odd year that was — as well as look ahead to a year that […]

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10 Children’s Shows That Scarred Children

These 10 popular children’s shows entertained millions of children over the years – and may have also given them nightmares. There was more than just a little something odd and creepy about these shows.

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29 Accidentally Sexual Logos

It’s hard to believe that all of sexual oops in these logos were accidental… but who would do this on purpose? It’s puzzling.

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First Hello Kitty Restaurant Opens in China

The first Hello Kitty themed restaurant was launched recently in the capital of China and it’s pretty popular already. Everything is pink and sweet inside, just like you’d expect a Hello Kitty restaurant to be. […]

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Beluga Whale Loves to Entertain

A beluga whale at the Shimane aquarium in Japan loves to entertain visitors by blowing ring shaped bubbles and waving them out towards visitors. The whale uses her mouth to blow a current in the […]

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Store Sells Out of Canned Reindeer After Protest

When Vegetarians International Voice for Animals found out that canned reindeer pâté was being sold at an upscale department store in the UK, they sprung into action and launched a protest. You know what they […]

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2011 Top 10: When Animals Are Jerks

Every year, humans slaughter billions of animals for food and recreation, which is why it’s not surprising that given the chance, many of them act like complete jerks towards us. Here’s 2011′s top 10 examples […]

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