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Gregor Wosik’s Otherworldly Sidewalk Chalk Art

Gregor Wosik, a street artist from Poland, has a knack for creating amazing works of art using chalk and sidewalk. The only downside is that the images look distorted if looked at from different angles, […]

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The 50 Greatest Geek Movies

Everyone has their own favorite geek movies. This list could have been much longer than 50, but every movie on the list belongs in a collection of the greatest so it would be difficult to […]

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Distracted Driving Billboard Distracts Drivers

A racy billboard reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road is being taken down. Too many drivers reported that it was a distraction to them.

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Meghan McCain Tries to Use a Medium-Sized Word and Fails

On MSNBC today, Meghan McCain explained that the Obamas deserve some small emoticon of privacy. And in case you think it was just a slip, she said it twice.

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10 of the Most Epic Tank Battles in Military History

The tank is a brutal beast of a weapon that was dreamed up in the early 1900s and first used by the French and British during WWI. They are extremely powerful and adaptable tools and […]

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How Much Gold is There in the World?

If the US owned all the gold in the world, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the national debt. Not that there’s not a lot of gold in the world and not that it’s […]

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Meet the New Rebecca Black

A song about muffins with a video of tons of cupcakes has to be good, right? You’re about to find out how wrong it really is in Shira’s new video called “Pound On My Muffin”… […]

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Scientists Find Hairy Crab, Name it The Hoff

Scientists have recently found a new species of yeti crab and for now it is known as “The Hoff” because of its hairy chest. The hairy crab will eventually become classified and be given a […]

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The World’s Largest Gummi Bear

We’re fascinated by big foods; obesity epidemic be damned. Even the calorie conscious have to admit, this huge gummi bear is pretty cute. It’s not your average bear – it’s 6,200 times bigger than a […]

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Fallen Soldier Leaves Buddies $1 Million For Vegas Party

Before being deployed to Afghanistan, David Hart took out a $3 million life insurance policy. He was killed in combat one day before his 24th birthday. It was his wish that just under $1 million […]

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