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10 World Leaders Who Dropped Out Of School

For some, their time at school did not constitute the ‘happiest days of their lives.’ Indeed, a number of major historical figures managed to attain wealth, power and influence in spite, rather than because, of […]

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10 Bodily Functions That Continue After Death

Certain bodily functions continue for minutes, hours, days, and even weeks after death. You will not believe the kind of things a dead body will do with its now-copious amount of time.

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5 Undefeated Eating Challenges

For those testing their fortitude through eating challenges, clearing a plate of outrageously large or spicy meals will often win them a T-shirt, their photo on the wall, and dinner on the house. There are […]

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6 Epic Holiday Parade Balloon Fails

Holiday parade balloons fail on occasion, and when they do, they fail hard. Whether they’re striking light posts and injuring spectators or simply getting snagged on objects and deflating slowly in front of hundreds of […]

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Food Shoved Into Other Food

Turducken, what did you start? Adult Swim recently experimented with other food-in-food monstrosities, and here’s what they came up with…

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Giant Penis Mystery Baffles Stockholm Suburb

A wealthy Swedish businessman was surprised to learn on Wednesday that the grounds near his luxurious home appear to feature a giant penis visible only from the sky.

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Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think

Health experts have long known that drinking red wine can have such positive benefits as reducing blood vessel damage, lowering the risk of heart attack, and preventing harmful LDL cholesterol from forming. But researchers at […]

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Jenny Won’t Set Foot on the Block

Have you seen those Fiat commercials with JLo cruising through the Bronx? Yeah.. about that. It was a body double. Jenny from the block did her part of the commercials sitting in a car in […]

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Sexually Active Senior Citizens Are Happier

This should come as no surprise to anyone — sex makes people happy. Even old people. A new study reveals that married seniors who are sexually active once a month report happier lives and marriages.

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Toddlers Destroy Home with Flour

While their mom was in the bathroom, these two little boys took a 5 pound bag of flour and covered everything in the home with it. Her reaction is much more calm than expected and […]

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