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25 Powerful Public Health Quotes

Image Source “A tremendous amount of needless pain and suffering can be eliminated by ensuring that health insurance is universally available.” – Daniel Akaka Be inspired by these 25 wise quotes about public health.

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22 Celebrities Who Used to be Hot in the 90s

The 90′s were like a parallel universe if you look back on them now. The world was still recovering from the 80′s yet desperately trying to create a new psychosocial reality that didn’t involve AIDS, […]

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21 Sober vs Drunk Celebrities

You may think it’s unfair (and even scummy) of the media to invade the privacy of celebrities and gain from their most embarrassing and unbecoming moments. As a society, we worship celebrities like gods — […]

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Pimp My Ride Gone Wrong

Pimped out cars can be cool, but just like everything else in life, there are people who take it too far… way too far. Here are some rides that have been pimped out to within […]

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18 Essentials for the Ultimate Doctor Who Geek

As we wait impatiently for more news of Season 7 of Doctor Who, why not spend your time making (or roping your crafty friends into making) some geeky DW gear for you.

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10 Most Degrading Reality TV Shows

There really isn’t much that’s not degrading about appearing on a reality TV show, but the worst of the worst is what people really want to see. This list excludes shows in which contestants must […]

10 Geeks Who Profited From Their Geekdom

Here are some illustrative examples of gigantic geeks, whose geekdom eventually turned them into very rich, successful geeks who still kind of have trouble starting conversations at parties, but who could nonetheless crush your dreams […]

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23 Ridiculously Stupid Lawsuits

Did someone upset you, or hurt your feelings? Are you a sore loser? Or have you injured another person due to actions that where wholly and undeniably your fault? If so, there’s great news for […]

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A Review of 8 Hard Drugs (By Taking Them)

Drugs are the blanket that covers everything. Feeling sad or angry? Take some drugs; it’ll make you feel better. Feeling happy and adventurous? Take some drugs — it’ll make you feel better! Most of us […]

Snoop Dogg Just Made a Fantastic House Mixtape for You, for Free

Sometime in the last couple weeks or so, someone apparently gave Snoop Dogg the password to his SoundCloud account, and the universe is better for it. There are outtakes from his studio (filed under “UNCUT […]

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