15 Cute Dogs Dressed in Awesome Superhero Outfits


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People love dressing up. And why not? It’s a great chance to let loose and behave like kid again for a few hours. What’s especially fun, however, is dressing up as your favorite superhero! From time to time, we all get a little carried away… So, why shouldn’t our canine friends join in on some of the excitement? These dog owners clearly thought that they ought to! Here, then, are our top 15 pooches dressed up like superheroes. Beware: cuteness overload ahead!

15. Spider-Man

With great power, comes great responsibility… Yet this shy-looking little fellow (actually one of 256 dogs entered into a race to determine America’s fastest Chihuahua) looks scared just thinking about all the villains he’s got to go up against in his guise as Spidey! Let’s see, you’ve got Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Lizard, Sandman, Venom… The list goes on. Who wouldn’t be a little frightened!

14. Superboy

Not quite your full-blown Superman – this adorable little pup qualifies as the young Clark Kent, strutting its stuff in its little red pants… Something tells us this dog has been watching a little too much Smallville!

13. Captain America

This one really made us laugh! An owner has taken their dopey, slightly confused-looking mutt and styled him as the original musclebound Avenger, Captain America – complete with iconic stars and stripes outfit and “vibranium-alloy” shield. Well, the costume is great, even if it might take a few long walks before Iggy is trained up for the challenge of facing the Red Skull and various other villains.

12. Cyclops

Okay, it’s not the most effort we’ve seen put into transforming a dog into a superhero, but it is pretty imaginative – and it has to be said that there is something undeniably cool about this take on X-Men leader Cyclops. Let’s just hope he keeps those optic blasts to himself!

11. Black Spider-Man

The evil nemesis to our amazing Spider-Chihuahua – Spidey in his black costume, or even, heaven forbid, Venom – this brooding hound clearly has a darker side. But hey, give the mutt a break: it’s practically possessed by an extraterrestrial parasite with the consistency of tar! The black and silver look is truly badass, though! No wonder our Spider-Chihuahua looked scared!

10. Green Lantern

We didn’t know the Green Lantern Corps had a canine division! Even though in reality he may be more Labrador than Lantern, this cute little guy can clearly smell danger… or maybe it’s just a tray of pies someone left out? Seriously, though, what else could a dog with an all-powerful magic ring wish for?

9. Wonder Girl

Only one thing to say about this one: Awwwwww… Wonder Girl started off as an Amazonian princess before she came to bring the ideals of peace and love to all mankind – and if this entry doesn’t warm your heart, we’re not sure what will! It even looks like the owner went to the trouble of hand-knitting the tiny outfit!

8. The Hulk

Pug Smash!! This is a very imaginative superhero look for a dog: the ever-energetic, ultra-strong green monster that is the Hulk. Able to leap miles in a single bound, crush tanks with his bare paws and generally get things his way – we’re just glad he’s been kept on the leash!

7. Supergirl

This little blonde sweetie definitely qualifies as our very own Supergirl! We wouldn’t be surprised if the owners dressed it like that all the time – it’s just adorable… Don’t forget those superpowers it’s packing, though: this pooch is more likely to take you for a flight round the Earth than a walk round the block!

6. The Beast

What can we say? There’s definitely something weirdly cool about strange colored dogs – as this dog owner’s transformation of their lovable pooch into the blue-furred X-Man, the Beast, proves. We wonder if the dog has the Beast’s brains as well.

5. Underdog

Whilst clearly not your conventional Marvel or DC superhero, we just had to include this cute li’l pooch: a real-life version of Underdog from the movie of the same name. That’s not to say the doggie looks impressed by the idea… “Who, me? Underdog? Really? Why I oughta…”

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Someone clearly worked very hard on this portrayal, determined to turn a regular canine into a green-skinned, pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – the sword-wielding leader of the pack, Leonardo, no less! Looks like he’s all set to head out and guard the yard, in case that sinister villain Shredder and his evil Foot Clan are lurking about.

3. Batman and Robin

This adorable pair of pugs make the perfect crime-fighting duo – set to crack down on the notorious villains of Gotham City! “The Joker – no problem… Two-Face – get outta here… Scarecrow… What d’ya mean he’s creeping up behind us?”

2. Wonder Woman

This is a particularly cute entry. A perfect imitation of the real deal warrior superheroine, complete with Wonder Woman’s trademark magic lasso – used to capture bad guys and force them to tell her the truth about a crime… or perhaps just where the doggy biscuits are hidden!

1. Supermann

This is an awesome wannabe of everyone’s favorite superhero, Superman. Sporting his classic red cape complete with “S” logo, this dog is the Man of Steel reborn… as a canine, ready to fly into action faster than a speeding bullet! We’re definitely impressed!

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