10 Bloopers Newsreaders Didn’t Want You to Catch


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These days, news programs are on the air literally 24/7. Our local and national news presenters are household names and faces. But what do these anchors and weather people — so often unflappable — get up to when they’re on set but not reading the news? Here’s our collection of 10 clips featuring news anchors who were caught saying and doing things on air — when they really, really wish they hadn’t been…

10. Slovenian newsreader with no pants

The Slovenian newsreader in this clip doesn’t appear anything other than normal… That is, until he slides his chair away from his desk to talk to a co-worker — revealing his bare legs and the fact that he is only wearing underwear from the waist down!

Almost as alarming is the fact that the presenter’s female co-worker seems completely unfazed by this, as if it’s normal! It makes us wonder how many more of our well-known news anchors dress like this every day.

9. Fox newsreader mocks Kardashian sisters

Fox News anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones were caught bantering after a live interview with the Kardashians (Kim and Kourtney). They thought the cameras had stopped rolling as they began to mock and impersonate the socialite sisters.

As well as making fun of their nasal voices, Jerrick seemed particularly concerned about the appearance of the sisters’ pointy shoulder pads, something that Jones half-heartedly attempted to defend — while trying to stop laughing. “Can they still hear us?” Yes, Mike, yes we can.

8. New Zealand sports presenter “salutes” co-worker

New Zealand sports presenter Eric Young was caught here making a double two-fingered salute that was meant for an off-camera workmate — a supporter of the Counties Manukau rugby team mentioned in the report.

A lapse in communication meant Young didn’t realize he was back on camera. The incident was later explained as “in-house banter,” and although Sky Television did apologize for any offense caused, Young did not face disciplinary action — and apparently most viewers saw the funny side of it.

7. Australian anchor call her husband an A-hole

This is one the newsreader definitely didn’t want you to see. Back in 2000, Australia’s Channel Ten news anchor Marie-Louise Theile clearly didn’t realize she was on air as she very publicly described her husband as an A-hole before someone in the studio snapped their fingers to get her attention. Oops – too late.

Theile later apologized for the incident, stating that the conversation was light-hearted and that her relationship with her husband was “truly wonderful.” We just want to know if they did end up going skiing.

6. WGN news anchors’ commercial break routine

In fairness, this is probably something the news anchors don’t mind us seeing too much, but it’s awesome anyway! Long-running WGN News partnership Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have a hilarious and truly impressive commercial break routine.

The song and dance set is something they’ve been working on for over a decade. It has been honed down to within 10 seconds of coming back on air! They’re even critiqued by the camera crew, who let them know whether they like a move, or if they miss a line! What we love is how they suddenly become so serious again, after all that silliness!

5. Australian newsreader caught daydreaming

In this clip we see how Australian WIN News presenter Samantha Heathwood got a shock when the camera suddenly cut back to her… while she was daydreaming and totally unprepared for her next line!

The footage was then satirized in Media Watch, an analysis program by another Aussie TV station.

4. BBC newsreader anchor aghast at TV presenter’s “new look”

Long-serving BBC newsreader Peter Sissons was caught when he thought he was off-air – exclaiming in shock, and possibly disgust, at the new look of notorious British TV presenter Anne Robinson.

Robinson is not the best woman to cross — her nickname, “Queen of Mean,” is justified — and we reckon Sissons probably regrets the world hearing his impression of her new “assets.”

3. Low blow by fellow Australian anchor

This is not strictly a blooper, as these Australian news anchors were aware they were on the air — and one of them knew very well what she was saying — but we reckon this is one line the recipient may have wished the world hadn’t heard.

Ten News’ Mark Aiston really set himself up, and co-anchor Belinda Heggen couldn’t resist dealing him a particularly low blow. Some tension behind the news desk? It certainly looks like an awkward moment. Apparently, though, it was Heggen’s payback to her co-host for him being a bit of a practical joker. Payback with interest.

2. BBC weatherman gives the bird

BBC News weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker was caught by an untimely camera cut, casually giving the bird after a lighthearted handover comment from anchor Simon McCoy about the forecast being “100% accurate.”

The look on Schafernaker’s face as he tried in vain to undo the damage by pretending to scratch his chin is simply priceless! Kudos to McCoy for calmly acknowledging the blunder and brushing it off as a “mistake.” That’s true “British reserve.” The BBC issued a formal apology for any offense caused by the incident but no action was taken against Schafernaker.

1. Ukrainian newsreader needs to keep his hands on desk

This Ukrainian newsreader was really caught red-handed! After a story about strippers, the camera cut back to our anchor, a surprised Alexander Brain, hastily removing his hand from under the desk. As if he couldn’t make matters any worse, at the end of the segment Brain “subtly” wiped the offending palm on the sleeve of his jacket.

The incident sparked a mass online debate as to what was actually going on, and people certainly had their suspicions. Whatever the truth may be, we think this is one mistake Brain definitely won’t be repeating!


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