Not Sleeping Well? There May Be A Medical Cause

I’m not sure what in the living hell is going on with me these nights but I can’t sleep more than 4 hours at a time. And my GOODNESS DOES IT SUCK. If you’re feeling […]

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Baby Enjoys Rocking Horse

Have you seen the video floating ’round the ‘net called Baby Enjoys Rocking Horse? Ah babies…the best stuff on earth. Horses, so-so.

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11 Books On Science Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read

Microsoft founder Bill Gates knows a thing or two about a thing or two. So when he make a suggestion about mind food with pages on one of my favorite topics, I paid attention. You […]

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Ticks On The Rise Across New England

The nasty, heat seeking, and disease carrying creatures that lurk on wild animals and linger in tall grasses are back in scary numbers. Read Ticks On The Rise Across New England.

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Is An Elementary School Graduation Over-The-Top ?

Having recently sat (I mean suffered, I mean snoozed, I mean struggled to entertain my 3 year old for hours in a stifling auditorium) through a 5th grade graduation ceremony, I ponder Is An Elementary […]

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12 Non-Registry Wedding Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck

It’s summer and that means there are a TON of weddings. If you are lost for gift ideas, check out these 12 Non-Registry Wedding Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck.

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Photosensitivity Reactions

Did you know that some of us break out in horrific rashes when exposed to sunlight? Can this mean we’re vampires? Check out Photsensitivity Reactions to learn what to do if it happens to you.

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8 Causes of Eye Twitching

I’m having a terrible time with eye spasms that are intruding upon my everyday life. Not knowing what to do about it, I turned to Dr Google to find the 8 Causes of Eye Twitching…now […]

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13 Houses With Secret Passageways

There’s something to be said about having a house with all kinds of secret chambers, doors, passages, and other mysteries. And that something is “WOW!” See for yourself here with 13 Houses With Secret Passageways.

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Choosing Between A Prefabricated Unit Or A Tiled Shower Stall?

Repairs are set to be underway at my home for replacement of a leaky shower. And it’s hard to choose between acrylic or tile due to size constraints. So maybe this will help…Choosing Between A […]

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